Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Midnight Mouse Massacre

The devastation continues.
Our losses: ten trays of spinach, rummaged through right before they germinated, several trays of onions, one tulip bit off right at the base and left to wither.....
Their losses: nineteen members in the past week have gone down, twelve just yesterday. We put one of their heads on a toothpick right outside the door as a warning.
Our strategy: brilliant idea to glue food to the numerous (20+) traps so any movement whatsoever and an instant SNAP!!!! mouse breaks neck, keeps face of agony for photo id. We put out the dead in an open field for an easy sighting by a bird of prey, thus befriending bird of prey.
Their strategy: to mate like crazy fools, creating an uncontrollable population; to poop in the deepest recesses of the greenhouse to draw their kin in to decimate our seeding trays; and to befriend our dog Clover whose great great great great grandfather on her mother's side was a mouse as you can tell every now and then by looking closely in her eyes.
Wish us luck this next week. We reseeded all the spinach trays, so game on miceys.


Randy Emmitt said...

Alice and Stuart,
You can borrow our mouser Valentine. Don't let the name fool you she kills anything that moves and is smaller than she is.

You won our flamingo contest, stop by sometime and I'll give you the prize. Heading to Belize for a week in the am though.

Michelle said...

I haven't been to your site in a while, but enjoy keeping up with the progress of your house (as we are getting ready to build something similar soon) and wanted to say that it was rather funny to scroll down through all those pics of disgusting mice and see the beautiful flower pic at the end. Wanna borrow my 13 lb. cat, Super Cat?

Joann said...

Need any cats? we got plenty we're willing to rent out :)

Anonymous said...

damn, you guys are hardcore...LOL

Anonymous said...

agree with everyone else. you need to get cats, the dog -unless endowed with jack russel genes- won't do a bit of good, although it might be better with wolves....?