Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bracing for the storm

We put these support beams up yesterday in the hopes they will keep our greenhouse and hoophouses from caving in from the weight of the snow. We are crossing our fingers and trying to breathe right until we make our way back to the farm to see what has happened.
In the meantime, we are snowed in and roaming the web. If you are a flower lover, you MUST check out these hellebores. Something to drool over. I was thinking I'd get into clematis, but maybe hellebores are the way to go.....I've heard it can be hard to hydrate clematis and that hellebores have droopy heads. Hmmmm.
Also, here is the kitchen design we've found that we like the most. We would probably make a different backsplash tile design, different colors.


Randy Emmitt said...

Hope that snow falls off without any damage to the green houses. We are snowed in here.

Corrie said...

That kitchen design is beautiful!! Hope that you guys are warm and made it through the storm well :)

Bain said...

I really like the kitchen desigh. I would only make one suggestion and that is if you can move the stove a cabinet lengths distance from the corner. You can use the corner for storage this way with swivel shelfing under the counter and cabinet doors that bifold out. And you have a little elbow room which I find to be invaluable.:) Love you two so much,Bain and Ma