Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet my new baby

She is a calla lily. Her potential is big. She is going to be pale pink, like the touch of dawn or like the faint blush of a young girl when she sees her lover-to-be. Ethereal and fleeting. Soft.
The tubers, on the other hand, are solid and heavy and convincing. I can do this, right? It is time to try my hand at these. My fear becomes my courage, and voila, there is a small bag of them at the door. Wish me luck.
The tulips are looking good so far, with healthy roots pushing through. I can't wait to see the colors! I think they are only a couple weeks out. We're hoping they will bloom for valentine's day, but we shall see.


marko said...

I hope that girl isn't too young. But seriously, beautiful stuff as always. Love the new site header, too.

Alice and Stuart said...

lover to be. lover to be. i had a fleeting afterthought about the 'girl' being too young. but 'young woman' is too old, not innocent enough, for a pale pink, right?
that venison roast was amazing; we'll be talking about it five years from now. thanks again for having us over!!

Bornay said...

love the new fresh site too!:)
It has to be nice to see growing your flowers and vegetables..
About our western bouquet,yes!you have to be a tough woman but also to have a steel hand,'cause I pricked a lot with the cactus while doing it!!! :(( ubbsss..

have a good weekend!