Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What August makes of us

This is what we've really been doing most days of August while at the farm. Stuart sits in the car playing games on his cell phone and sending quirky encrypted texts to his friends, even though they immediately know it's from him. I've taken to admiring my hands in their new sun-protective gloves and, if I think anyone is watching, breaking out into really bad hip-hop dancing while I shimmer and flash my sheathed hands where they'll be noticed.
Sometimes we'll cloud watch together. I walked with this guy for around a week on the A.T. His trail name was 'Ox' and I have no idea what his real name was, but he was British and taught summer camp for a while and had one student request cloud watching as an activity. It never got approved, but if I were a camp counselor (scary thought), I would have no problem teaching cloud watching.
I've also taken to stalking exotic waterfowl on the farm as a work avoidance method. Harry the Heron is a regular, but the egret is new. We only saw it for a few days before it disappeared, but it was quite a sight.


Kat said...

love it. wait till you see my blog post response to the latest growing for marktet article "how to avoid market fatigue". ha ha

Bornay said...

don't worry! in 3 days..September!