Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New blooms

Here are a couple new flowers we're trying out and so far I think I like them both. The first is 'persian carpet' a very small headed zinnia that is a total pain to cut but really makes a mixed bouquet. Great for fall. The next is also great for fall, tithonia 'torch', also know as Mexican sunflower. You have to cut all of it's leaves off or it won't hydrate properly, but it seems promising. The stems feel like satin so when I cut it I imagine going to sleep. Pretty much all of my daydreams these days consist of sleeping. Not so much satin, but sleeping.
But it is really fun to cut with the stems feeling so soft, and the plants are huge. They must be six feet tall, maybe taller.
Clover has been singing this song all week, getting right in your face and then running off. She smells so bad right now. Her official nickname is 'stinker'.

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Sarah said...

I'll take 100 stems of the torch-to-bear flower right away please.