Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We survived May!

Pretty amazing to have survived.  Possibly the busiest month ever of my life thus far.  We've been too busy at market to take pictures, but it looks like we'll be hiring help for market soon enough.  We're a little worried about our farm growing too fast as this has been a red light warning from most of the other growers.  We're talking about going to another market on Saturdays next year, paying someone to do Durham Wednesdays for us and make deliveries around town, and of course expanding our CSA.  
Wild times at Bluebird Meadows.  
We just got the notice that a crew is able to come and get our house walls done as early as next week.  We still haven't picked out windows or doors, where they'll go and what dimensions.  And really, who cares about the garden when there are house decisions to be made?!  Looks like we might take a half-day Thursday, shirking planting duty, to go to a window store in Efland and pick out the ones we'd like for our house.  Very exciting.  We also have a wedding coming up soon, so I'll be sure to get some good photos.  Colors---blues, whites, oranges, yellows.  


Kat said...

To whom should I send my application for employement; your human resources manager or your secretary?
Please advise

Vera said...

y'all really do need to hire someone...i dont know HOW you manage!