Wednesday, June 10, 2009

House progress

So, this first picture is out of order, but this is how we left it today. The wooden frames if you can't tell will be our windows and doors. The next three pics are from the second day of work, and then the rest are from the third. The first day was mostly travel for the crew, so you can see how fast these fellas work. Absolutely amazing. The last four pictures are of the crew chalk-lining and then hanging our kitchen window woodframe on the northside of the house. Stuart is looking into the bottom of our front door, and you can see the fortress of 2x4s they use to keep the walls steady for being sprayed with gunite, a form of concrete. Wouldn't want to fall into that!


Kat said...

holy cow! it looks like a castle! what style of construction is this called? how exciting...when is move-in day?

Phil Moore said...

what is the construction material?`we are about to embark on building a straw bale barn but am always interested in different construction methods.

Alice and Stuart said...

Phil and Kat-
This will be a gunite house, a form of concrete that can be sprayed on and then made to look like stucco. Move in day will be cross-our-fingers April, but very possibly not until next fall. We'll see how big a loan we can get to cover the windows, doors, roof, floor, interior walls, and appliances. We'll have an r-value of around 35-40. We'll have to put up a layer of cellulose and then sheetrock so there is no condensation. We'll keep putting up pictures!