Sunday, June 21, 2009

Infinity Farm

So this past Saturday Stuart and I went to visit a neighboring farm, Infinity Farm, located in Cedar Grove, about 8-10 miles from us.  Our good friend Adam Gori who is helping us out some is also working on Infinity Farm.  He wants to start up a goat farm so he's trying to get to know the animals better.  The farm is incredibly beautiful with around 150 acres total...the fields just go on and on, with acres of hardwoods on all the edges, several ponds, and a plethora of animals everywhere you look.  We were really taken with the goats so now I aim to convince Stuart that they would be a great addition to the farm, nevermind the fact that if you want to milk them it's a twice a day thing, as it is with cows.  We can make time, right?  We hear they'll eat poison ivy which we have in abundance on the farm.    
But we don't talk animals seriously yet as we're waiting until we live on our farm first.  We'd really love to acquire the 30 acres adjacent to us, making our farm total 60, which would give us plenty of room for crops and animals and give us more room for expansion.  More space for all the endless possibilities of growth and economic viability on our small farm.  We'll see what the cards of fate have in store for us.  Right now life is all about our house; it's been hard to concentrate on the farm with the thrill of seeing our walls go up, the idea of permanence now becoming a concrete reality versus an amorphous mirage always in the distant future.  A home.....a place for the rest of this lifetime.....

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Bornay said...

I change our sofa with zinnia flowers for a visit to the Infinity Farm! :))))
Have a nice monday!