Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Women and Sledgehammers

Let it be known, I'm not a builder.  Putting up this hoophouse up is on par with shoving splinters under my nails.  Stuart doesn't allow me to talk while we do this, so I just pretend like I'm a convict guilty of stealing glances at the Prince Badeshaan as he disrobed before his afternoon bath.  Now I must work on constructing a hoophouse for the Prince's exotic collection of cacti that only bloom under the light of a full moon.    
Actually, the work isn't so bad.  It took us forever to get the site measured out correctly and properly leveled.  And then the sledgehammering began.   40 inch anchor posts down down down into the soil.  I have mixed feelings about wielding a sledgehammer.  My puny muscles shiver after about five whacks, but there is something magical to me, much like seeing Prince Badeshaan naked, about brute strength and feeling as if I too can be helpful in constructing something useful on the farm.


shari said...

i know just what you mean alice. i have been helping split wood with an ax. it was challenging for the first few hits but then i got the hang of it and quite enjoy it.

marko said...

Look out, John Henry!

Anonymous said...