Thursday, November 13, 2008

Third Day and Seven Things Me

I had to take a break from hoophouse construction yesterday because we had flowers to plant. black-eyed susans, yarrow, sweet william, snapdragons, and veronica all tucked into their neat winter beds.   Stuart and Gerard kept on trucking with it.  As I've been blog-tagged by Sarah from Saipua, I must face up to the challenge before me of describing seven facts about myself.
1. Sometimes I find I am intimidated by flowers. Pre-cooled tulips, calla lilies, elephant ears, coleus, delphinium, etc. The unknown character that lurks behind the facade of grace and elegance is so frightening. Until the first cut.
2. I think my life would be more fun if I could have this attitude
3.  My hair is turning white at a rapid clip.  I'm cool with it.  Stuart says he's cool with it.
4.  I wanted to shave my head in sixth grade and be a wrestler like my older brothers.  I'm glad that didn't work out for me.  
5.  I have a fetish for fabric even though I have no idea how to use a sewing machine.  I have an embarrassing amount tucked away for the day I miraculously understand how it all works.  
6.  I hate being cold.  Everyone says I look like an eskimo, but really, let's go with something more Indonesian.  
7.  I've never liked black and white films (with the exception of the Battle of Algiers).  I think I watched The Wizard of Oz at too young an age too often and the brilliance of the color switchover made me a lifetime hater of black and white.   Stuart makes fun of me, finding me quite unsophisticated just because I don't like boring old movies. 


Sarah said...

i don't like black and white movies either. actually i don't like movies from before 1980

Anonymous said...

Nice hoophouse kids. Nice swing Alice. Nice tee shirt Stu. curleypops (can't remember password)