Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last wedding of 2008

I realize these aren't the best pictures; I think we need to work on a good place to shoot the wedding flowers.  (Even though Stuart and I have fun taking photos Sat. morning after we set-up for market and before customers arrive.)   Anyhow, this was one of my favorite weddings to arrange all season.  I love it when the bride gives me free reign with color.  Not that I mind color themes; work tends to move faster with them.  We saved most of our broomcorn for this wedding and it looked fabulous crammed into the big arrangements---nice and arching, perfect for a filler.  We keep thinking a frost will come and wipe out what little flowers we have left, but alas, the sunflowers are hanging in there as well as the zinnias, dahlias, and lovegrass.  Tonight is forecast 37 degrees, so their demise could be sooner than later!!  Unfortunately, it's forecast to rain on Saturday, so it'll be hard to sell any of these last lingering flowers in the cold rain.  Oh well.  

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Jessica said...

Gorgeous fall colors! Are you at the Durham Farmers Market by chance?