Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hunter's Moon

We've been enjoying the moon all week as it has made late afternoons on the farm so much more enjoyable. We've mowed down most everything on our farm, which feels incredibly rewarding and uplifting. Just about a quarter acre left to go. We picked the last of the peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and okra today. For some reason we keep planting more fall and winter crops (perhaps the economy in turmoil?) despite my physical and mental resistance to creating any more work than is necessary.
A hoophouse is officially on the way for us (this is an unheated greenhouse in case anyone is unfamiliar with the term), so we'll be putting that up in the next couple weeks. This will allow us to grow vegetables and flowers all winter. We have very little experience with hoophouses so I imagine it will take a couple years to get planning and scheduling down, but it is very exciting news for us at Bluebird Meadows. Early tulips, ranunculus, anemones, massive delphinium, poppies, etc. etc. will all be given princess beds in the hoophouse.
Stuart and I have had quite heated discussions about how much room in the hoophouse will be devoted to flowers versus vegetables. Right now I am only allowed TWO of SIX beds. I mean, really, where is the fairness here everyone? My friends, Stuart wants to take away your flowers from you and raise the price of vegetables across the board!! (eyes rolling and a look of exasperation crosses my face) C'mon plumber Joe! Don't you want and need flowers too? And appointing Clover as VP is a brilliant idea. She has so much experience in conserving energy with all those naps. And she obviously loves flowers, right my friends?
Wow, I apologize for that outburst. To quickly change the subject, here is a picture of a lovely blacksnake we found today while cleaning up our tomato mess. Isn't it gorgeous? I heard it before I saw it. We had some black plastic down and I could hear it's body sliding against the plastic in such a way that there was no mistaking it for any other creature. I quickly changed my location and determined that Stuart was much more adept at removing the stakes in that general area than I was. Luckily only a blacksnake. As long as he doesn't crawl into any bluebird houses for eggs, we'll let him be.


Kat said...

your black snake reminds me that i've had a particularly slitherfull year up hear, too. the best part is that I get to 'harvest' all the snakes' sheddings as i pull plastic. There was one specimen that was so intact, even the clear eye casings (heck-didn't even know snakes shed a thing on their eye too...)were whole. the snake must have v-e-r-y carefully wiggled out of its old skin through the mouth hole! amazing!

Kat said...