Friday, July 11, 2008

Your Rocky Spine

So I checked out my ipod's most listened to song. For some reason I can listen to this song over and over and over again. Okay, so the the video is a little weird and makes me want to laugh---just shut your eyes while listening. Although you may want to occasionally check out the lead singer. Quite attractive. I'm not so crazy about their other songs; they're not bad, just nowhere near as good as this one. Rocky Spine reminds me of one my best friends from high school Sarah Garlick and how our friendship's basis and bedrock was our love of the earth. It also makes me think of the book and film Into the Wild.
Here is a shot of the bouquet for Mimi and Papa coming into town this weekend. A little something to elicit a smile. I grew some Cat's Claw this year and initially thought it was awful, but it turns out I love the stuff. Gorgeous in mixed bouquets. Clover-rover here is letting me silently know I should've pinched the celosia on her right. Would've had much better blooms. We're wishing we had more produce right now. All we have coming in are a few cherry tomatoes, basil, cukes, and some beans. LAME. But I guess we should be off to harvest what we do have.....


MikaJ said...

Hi! I totally listen to that song over and over again, too. The singer is very attractive, and his words are even more attractive!

I love your blog - I have to admit I have been reading it for the past few months without introducing myself - I was your brother Ben's AP Bio teacher. I have an ag background (I'm an entomologist by training), and Ben would talk about your farm all the time.

I don't get to the Durham market as often as I should, but I will introduce myself in person sometime! ( :


Alice and Stuart said...

Mikaj--Pleasure to meet you. So you're the one that got to hang out with Ben on all those Sundays! Lucky you. He's such a great little brother. And now I know where to go with our bug problems. Microcosmos is one of my all time favorites. Looking forward to meeting you in person and thanks for introducing yourself!