Thursday, July 31, 2008

The heat is on

We got the afternoon off today as a storm rolled in around 2:30. It has been really hot and humid of late, so we were quite happy to take a nap this afternoon and fall asleep to the sound of rain pattering on the roof (a couple of my favorite things together, naps and rain) We only got half an inch, but we'll take it and be happy about it.
The wind came in really strong and all of our amaranth we planted two weeks ago flopped over. Looks like another task to add to Friday's line-up. We were hoping to get a bunch of stuff direct seeded today, but instead I spent the morning cutting zinnias as they sold so well last week. Too often we spend all our time harvesting. Come October, we'll be regretting not getting more plants started right now. (But the nap felt so good!) For lunch today we did a tomato sampler plate with a few varieties so we have a better idea of what to tell customers when they ask about the maters. We had a ton of BEAUTIFUL heirloom tomatoes leftover from Wed. market in Carrboro as well as leftover salad mix, which is basically on par with having peonies leftover on Mother's Day. Ridiculous. Stuart and I both felt disappointed, especially when growing a nice heirloom tomato is not an easy task, nor is showing up with salad mix this time of year. On the other hand, we had a delicious lunch of salad mix and tomatoes. My favorite, you ask? I think I'm a pineapple kind of gal. The brandywine and german johnson we're close seconds. Stuart prefers the cherokee purple.
Early this morning I was hankering for a dip in a pool, dreaming up visions of blue and steady frog-like laps. To our delight, we got a call later in the day to housesit for some friends with a pool all next week. They also have a sauna and a hot-tub. I think I might try more of this dreaming up stuff business. Perhaps next on the list--solar panels and wind turbines for every home and business? An energy independent US? (without needing to drill the OCS)
In any case, looks like life is gonna be rough next week. We are thrilled and are trying to figure out how to spend as little time as possible in the garden while at the same time getting it all done. Our motivation has disappeared somewhere and unfortunately along with that absence comes the presence of weeds. We're talking big weeds too. And you've heard the age old adage for farmers: "One years seed, seven years weeds." Looks like we're in the battle for the long-haul!


shari said...

those heirloom tomatoes are beautiful. i don't think i've had a great tomato in vermont yet.

Kat said...

wait. are those baby birds in the last photo?
i swear, I will respond to your email tomorrow alice. maybe they should rename sunday "kthcupday".
no heirlooms yet here in the 'hampsh, but plenty of regular maters, thank goodness.