Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anthocyanins anyone?

Can you believe this hairdo on our corn? It looks like this corn tassel got up early today. She's after Clover I think. It's too bad corn has a bad rap. Too many carbs, genetically modified, our government is subsidizing obesity when they subsidize corn, etc. etc. But it is sooooo good! The answer?? Buy locally and naturally grown corn of course. We'll have some in a week or two. Cornetta's hair here probably won't look quite as good then, but she'll be sweet.
You are looking at a nutritional powerhouse here. I just read over their health benefits and it looks like if you eat blueberries when they're in season you can become a superhuman in no time at all. x-ray vision, telekinesis, mind-reading, and an ability to learn jujutsu in a matter of hours are also common side effects of eating these things. I can eat a pint a day myself. My skin is looking a little off these days, but no worries. And isn't Krishna a nice hue of blue?
I recently had a dream where I had telekinetic power. I was training at a school for wizards and I thought to myself, 'Better check and see if this is for real.' Sure enough, I had the power. I've also levitated in dreams before. Too much Harry Potter? Could be. But much fun nevertheless. We are very excited to have some special guests coming to visit this weekend. Stuart's grandparents will be coming to hang out with us at market while we pawn off our goods. His grandfather is 94 I think. I'm going to make them a big arrangement for their hotel room so I'll post a pic of that for everyone. Meanwhile we're thrilled to have grown the PERFECT sunflower. No bug eaten grooves in the center, just the right stage of harvest, leaves in tact....this is a first for us, and I'm not sure what we did to manage this miraculous feat. We have about two hundred ft (our third planting) about to bloom, so we're hoping Durham is feeling some yellow. In fact, we're hoping Durham is feeling all kinds of colors because we have a ton of flowers right now. It feels good. But now, back to cleaning house. yuck.


shari said...


i really love your posts. we used to visit your stand at the farmer's market regularly. :) now we've moved to vermont and while it's nice we still miss durham. i wish i was there to buy some of your beautiful sunflowers. best of luck to you both. cheers! shari

Kat said...

been muckin around in the pond i see?!...Better tidy up for your date with Poe this fall!