Thursday, June 19, 2008

Public Enemy Number One has arrived

No, enemy number one is actually not this menace of a worm. This hornworm is such a pig that its latin name means glutton. Believe it or not, manduca sexta is only ranked enemy number three right now. Enemy number one has arrived with its glinty, metallic coat of armor, ready to wreak havoc in the safe haven of bluebird meadows. I've already had enough of their orgies and ravenous attacks on our zinnias and basil that go on all day; they make me think of Bosch's work. I think he must have been a gardener with the Japanese beetle in mind when he painted. He just superimposed humans on the images of the beetles. Yes, they are a serious menace, and I think we may have to get traps for them this year. I hate to see our flowers bite the dust to such a pest.
Our hero here who spotted the hornworm eating a green bean of all things is our amazing helper and my mother Paula. She has been coming to help us out on our hectic Fridays, so a shout out to my mom is in order. We've also had some help from Mike Adamo and Adam Gori, both of whom are photographers masquerading as normal people at their regular jobs. Adam has some of our wedding pics posted on his website, First Person Photography, if anyone is really bored (bored enough to look at our wedding pics, not bored enough to check out Adam's great website).
As for flowers, we're still waiting on the lizzy. The salpiglossis is blooming, as pictured; a unique cut that few people seem willing to purchase. It has a velvety texture and looks like a petunia crossed with alstroemeria. Nothing too exciting. Speaking of exciting, I need to go write the CSA newsletter! We have potatoes and green beans coming in. Even though potatoes are so commonplace, they are one of my favorite vegetables, especially fingerlings and any fresh dug tater. Hopefully our CSA members enjoy them as much as I do. Until we meet again friends.


Kat said...

i am tearing (?!err, the watery eye thing, not the ripping thing) up just browsing your blog, admiring your hard work, sympathizing with your beet-growing mystification, envious of your soil, in awe of your beautiful flowers.
my enemy right now is striped cuke beetles arrrrrrgggg.
love, best to you both,

Alice and Stuart said...

KATTER! YEAH! Been too long; how are you?? What's your email address? Have you seen Sara and Joe's blog? Search for Joe Brown Alabama locavore. It's great. Your website? I'm so glad you tracked us down! We'll chat more over email, time to go check out the overgrown garden and kill some jap. beetles....and good luck with those cucumber beetles!