Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot in the city

I tried kissing this little guy today, thinking he might turn into a cold shower, but alas, not even Stuart's double appeared. Which is probably a good thing. We've been sweating buckets and guzzling water like crazy today. We're in for a break from the oppressive heat right now, and I can tell our laundry is about to increase exponentially along with the temperature as I refuse to put back on drenched and dirty clothing. I think a run to the thrift store for some more work clothes might be in order. We've been irrigating daily out of our pond which we're praying will hold up for the season. It already looks half a foot low and we're just getting started. No more overhead sprinkler; drip line from here on out. I should take a pic of the lotus flower a customer gave to us this spring. It's unfurled a few big leaf pads and I'm ready to start some more. I've always wanted to have some lotus flowers ever since this woman brought them to the Carrboro market ages ago. They're on up there with tulips, dahlias, callas, and peonies. Speaking of which, I'm going to be ambitous and try to grow callas next year. Even the Arnosky's said callas are hard to grow, but does that stop Bluebird Meadows from trying? I don't think so. Hopefully the price of their bulbs won't stop us either. And, as we're on the topic of incredible flowers, here is the very beginning of a oriental lily bud. Kind of, what's the word, yonic? I do believe so. I am psyched to have the orientals on the way even though lilies are ubiquitous at this point in the flower grower's world. I've always been intimidated by them, but they really weren't that hard to grow. I should probably say this after they bloom.....
and here are some pansies we started in January, thinking they'd be blooming in March. Just three months off. They're a little too smily for my taste, but I do love how small and delicate they are, and anything blue and blooming is alright with me. Feels like I could just dive into them. I'll be using them in the wedding we have this weekend, our last in a stream of them. Enough already of wedding flowers!!! I get too emotionally involved doing all these wedding flowers. It's a little too reminiscent of feeling like the bride the day before the wedding. Or the day of the wedding. Nervous, anxious, sleep deprived, high-strung. I think I might just revert to growing the flowers. We'll see. I guess I should go back to the field and plant some zinnias and sunflowers. I'll leave everyone with the image of avant-garde Clover-rover.


Moving Target said...

Be careful out there in the heat you two. Clover emails me updates every ten minutes... so I know what's going on out there.

marko said...

Sometimes, when it's hot like this, I put a big cardboard cutout of a polar bear in the yard. Every time I look at it, I can't help but imagine that I, too, am a polar bear and think about seal hunting, scaring unsuspecting Eskimos, and swimming in ice cold water.

- Jack Handey