Friday, September 28, 2012

So it goes. And goes and goes.

The good: 
-it is fall. officially.  that means frost is soon.  hallelujah. 
-we have sown a very important, big cover crop for overwintering in the new field.  it looks awesome.    
-we did a wedding this past weekend for some good friends, a fella I've known since 6th grade.  celebrating love is so important.  and meaningful.  
-i'm trying some exciting new things in the greenhouse this winter.  I'm prepared to fail, but that tends to be necessary sometimes in order to figure out what the hell i'm doing.  
-we have had a successful season this year, even with having a baby.  wow.
 the bad:
-the weeds got a little out of hand this season and I'm afraid we're going to have to pay for it in seasons to come.
-this is always the hardest time of year for me.  i withdraw, get down and out and question way too many things.  something to work on.
-we lost our camera.  we went to a river house for a few days of vacation and I misplaced it.  It had some special pictures on it I hadn't uploaded yet.  Kinda feels like I lost a friend.  
-our fall garden is not so great.  failure on the brassicas and beets.  

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