Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ruth meets the ocean

Our little one turned 1 on Friday.  Say WHAT???!!!!  We were able to get away for a very very quick trip to the beach, an amazing beach that  was like a time warp, a trip to beach fantasia where the lighting was always at its best, very few people (cause really, who likes people), perfect water temps, a tidal pool for Ruth to play in, and of course the ever present meditative pulse of the ocean, the sound dreams are made of.  Ruth just couldn't believe this new world.  I must say her meeting the ocean and sand has been one of the highlights of parenting. 


phoebe said...

Ruth just keeps getting cuter and cuter, if that's possible! Love the photos. Love Phoebe

Randy Emmitt said...

What fun Ruth must have had! The last photo is priceless.

unrosetoinviacerreto said...

Che bellissima bambina.
Siete dei genitori fortunati.