Sunday, June 3, 2012

The good and the bad

 We're not sure what happened here but we all got a good laugh.  We ate the little thing, mostly yolk, the best part.  Our girls have started laying kind of regularly, we're getting 3-4 eggs a day.  Something is eating some of the eggs though....racoon?  We think it is something with hands because it moves the golf balls that we place in their nest.  
We had an unfortunate episode where one of our birds had a bad prolapse.  One of our wyandottes.  We came home Saturday afternoon after market and saw it.  We made the executive decision to slaughter her as we have our hands overfull with everything else and caring for weeks for her and possibly for the rest of her life was just too much for us to handle.  Sunday morning Stuart was a brave soul and slit her throat as she hung upside down with her legs tied up as we read to do in 'Country Wisdom and Know-How', our go-to book for such things.  I sobbed and watched her bleed out, shake, and finally pass.  I think what made it particularly hard was that the day before we both had listened to This American Life , the episode about Dos Erres.  If you didn't listen to it, I'm not sure I would recommend it.  The atrocities that humans are capable of are explicitly discussed and the story will forever haunt me.  The killing of the chicken (albeit a mercy killing) was a harsh upfront reverberation of the story and even now it's hard to write about.  It brought up a quick reconsideration of all livestock we have ever thought about having on the farm.  And so much more.  I hope if I were to ever to face a situation where I was asked to kill an innocent person or be killed I would nobly choose death.  I know self-preservation is one of the strongest instincts we have; it is fear and it lives large.  But I want to believe in myself.  After all, this life is just a sweet whisper in the darkness.  

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