Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ruth and I got home from visiting market a couple weeks ago and decided to check and see if there were any eggs in the coop.  We go to open the door and lo and behold, nagini was coiled up so many times in one of the laying boxes I thought it was two snakes!!!  Quite a surprise.  I quickly shut the door, took a deep breath and did a quick self assessment to see if I was woman enough to deal with it myself, then just as quickly called my snake-wrangler brother who breeds snakes for a living.  He came over about twenty minutes later and in less than a minute had it in his hands.  It's one of the bigger black snakes we've seen.  Unfortunately, Stuart had put a couple golf balls in the laying box to signal to the birds where to lay and the snake ate one of them!!!  Let's hope it eventually vomits up the golf ball.  My brother told me oftentimes a black snake will eat a bunch of eggs and then climb out on a tree limb and drop itself on the ground to crack the eggs inside itself.  My brother is chock full of snake lore.  And then not a week later there was another black snake crawling towards the coop.  This time I decided to be brave so I put a stick on it right behind it's head and went to pick it up but as soon as it moved I had a knee jerk reaction and jumped away from it and it got away.  C'mon girl, it's just a black snake!!!  We welcome you on the farm, just leave our chickens and eggs alone!!!

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