Friday, May 4, 2012

Cause I just can't help myself.

Trying to get Ruth to learn how to eat is surprisingly challenging.  Much easier to just breastfeed, but seeing as it is going to be a long process to get her weaned better to start trying.  She is still waking up 2-3 times in the night.  I almost walked off the farm last night in frustration.  Lay-tah.  Peace out.  (so tough, like i would last five minutes away from it all!)  Stuart stepped in and sacrificed an hour or so of precious nighttime sleep for all of us.  I felt much more sane today.  She is growing so fast we almost can't believe it.  It happens so fast like everyone says.  One minute she can't hold her head up and the next she is trying to walk.  If I could save time in a bottle my sweet Ruth, the first thing that I'd like to do......


17 beats. said...

this post made me cry a little. our little snicklefritz turned 6 months today ... i get nostalgic about everything.

and i'm with you on the breastfeeding AND sleeping front. it's always comforting for me to remember that there are millions of other mamas up during those wee hours, doing exactly the same thing i am. :-)

Janny said...

Hang in there, Alice and Stuart!

My husband and I never thought we would sleep through the night. We made a very difficult decision to use "sleep training" (for our baby or ourselves we weren't sure at the time!) after our son began to wake up almost every 2 hours shortly before he turned 1 year old. He is now 17 months and although I still sleep with one eye open, our little guy, my husband and I sleep through the night. It took patience and a huge amount of will power.

You can do it! You are not alone and we're pulling for you!

And, you have to have a clear mind to run your farm!

Hugs and best wishes.

Becca said...

She is just edible. I love the bathtub shot!!! Our little girl turns one tomorrow, and sigh- I think everyday how I could just stop time and stay right here- or have her stay right as she is. But, it doesn't work out that way no matter how hard I try.
One day, she will just sleep through the night and it will seem like she has always done just that. (The day does come, I swear!)
Thank you for the pictures-