Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

It was written in the stars that Stuart's birthday would fall just around the time of the NCAA tournament. This year, the beginning of his 34th year, the tourney started the day after his b-day. Most everything else in our life (besides the farm and Ruth) gets written off and the TV is on more than any other time of the year. Brackets, bracket bleeding, and lots of sh*t talking ensue, and it's pointless to discuss anything else.
"Stuart, a groundhog is eating all of our lettuce!!!"
"That's great honey. Did you see that Norfolk St. power forward? Damn!"
"Stuart, Radiohead is going to play in Bushy Fork!!!"
"Cool. What time is the Kentucky game?"
"Stuart, Conrad Hall has been resurrected and is working on a new film!"
"Neat. Let's hurry up with this so I can see if Crazy Foot is still leading the bracket. Can't believe Marquette won."
And so it goes. And about that last picture....came home from market and Ruth was dressed (by Dad) in that awesome outfit. Hellz yeah.

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Sarah said...

ruth says it all with her look; thats how i feel about march madness.