Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our baby, growing so fast

Gratuitous pictures of Ruth Eleanor for you all. She is growing so fast and learning so much. We're getting lots of smiles, although we're still waiting on the laughter. It's coming though. Lots of aaa-goo's. She also slept for a whopping six hours last night on her first stretch. Longest stretch to date!!! Stuart had her for the evening, so whatever he did was magic. Although I think I recall him telling me they watched Jackass III together.....hmmm.
The picture with all the babies is from our birth class reunion, post partum. Turns out five of us in the class had our babies within a week and a half of each other! Ruth looks like an amazon woman next to all the other babes. Notice how she is holding up all the other babies who are leaning on her. Our anchor.
And then we must include a couple pics with Uncle Ben! He dazzles her every time they get together. She is going to take singing lessons and piano lessons from the maestro one day.

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phoebe said...

Love love love the photos! And your writing always makes me smile. Phoebe