Sunday, March 6, 2011

My mother's mad skillz; old picture

Some artwork by me mum. Isn't she amazing? Her heart is more beautiful than any bleeding heart you'll ever come across, and that is the truth. We actually need some bleeding hearts on the farm....behind the house is a great spot for some and also hellebores as it is shady but well drained.
Right now our garden looks like a swamp. We only got an inch and a half of rain today, but whew, it sure made a mess of things. Drainage issues abound at our farm; it's something we really need to work on as we lose many a crop dollar to wet feet.
Our good friend Alix came by the other week and brought us a portrait she did a few years back for Mule Magazine. It's great to have a good picture of us both, a rare thing. We noticed something was weird about the photo; I'm not really that much shorter than Stuart, but I had just pulled my hamstring when this was taken so I must be leaning on something for balance. It's so sweet I wanted to share it with you all. Thank you Alix!!!

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Randy Emmitt said...


Nice bleeding hearts! We have some baby hellebores around many of our plants if you want some. It'll take up to 3 years before they bloom though. Been working on photographing all the hellebores on a new page on our blog.