Monday, March 7, 2011

House arrangements

This past week we received a house-warming present that makes me so happy. Our neighbors who collect and sell antiques gifted us this lovely pitcher and wash basin set. I can't get over how vibrant the blue is---so gorgeous. This picture does it no justice. Our neighbor had the perfect idea that it would be appropriate for warm water foot massages from Stuart to Alice....heehee.
The poppies are almost officially "in season" on the farm. They are loaded with blooms and we picked our first bunch last week. We'll see what the 30-31 temps do to them tonight. Hopefully just make the buds more cold-hardy! Also new on the flower front---hyacinth. A new cut for our farm and I'm smitten. The bulbs are pricey but the frangrance.....divine. You need some of these on your table.

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