Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peaches and Dreams

Morning shot and then by late afternoon I decided I would have to take it home with me. Last year's bloom on this tree peony made me kind of write it off, not without love, but kind of an affectionate feel-sorry-for-you love, cause the bloom just wasn't quite up to par. BUT THIS YEAR. Whoa. What dreams are made of I tell you. Too bad we only have one of these plants. More more more. I'm thinking one day people could possibly reference me as 'that tree peony lady'. One day.
Our first dahlia decided to pop today as well. Same color scheme. It's as if they bloomed for each other. I feel left out of the equation.
Our strawberries are going crazy. Let us take a moment to ponder this one plant and all it's berries (moment) Add 2000 more plants (gasp) And many many many hours of crawling on all fours to pick them. Maybe knee pads are in order. And some breakdancing with the knee pads at the end of each aisle. YES.


Victor said...

wow. magnificent peony/dahlia explosions!

animala said...

Good heavens! What variety is that peony? I could eat it!
I so love following your blog, I only wish I could visit in person.