Monday, April 12, 2010

April 10th Market

yes, the blog has been lame lately, but so has getting our taxes done. procrastinate much? with ten million more exciting options, spending time after work on taxes is about as fun as pulling ticks off or squeezing huge grubs between our fingers. for hours.
the good news is that we have the sweetest red ranunculus on the farm right now. they're like little kisses of loveliness. irresistible in my book. we tried to have 'chocolate' and 'red' in at the same time, thinking that would be a pretty hot combo, but 'chocolate' is just a deep red. so we're doubled up in red ranunculus. ever tried to sell six buckets of red ranunculus on a Sat? I guess life could be worse. taxes could be due or something.


Victor said...

...i've always felt that it was such a shame that tax-filing had to come at the same time as our last predicted frost date.

sk said...

sooooo pretty!
good luck with you taxes. i still gotta do mine too!