Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And so it begins.....

Despite the cold, despite the gloom, despite the wet, despite my moods, our tulips have begun to bloom!!!

Major setback today: our driveway becomes impassable. That's right, as in, no way jose, good luck chuck, you are not going to make it more than 60ft down our 1500ft driveway. We've been fishtailing for weeks and on Sunday afternoon, after tucking in our all babies for the evening, Stuart and I got stuck. disheartening? yes. demoralizing? yes. And the driveway just gets worse. On the brighter side, it is going to be a whopping 50 degrees on Friday. Right before it rains some more on Monday.


Michelle said...

My backyard was a pond a week ago. I can't wait for spring.

Tulips? Wow, I haven't seen any over here. I did some some daff buds coming up though.

Alice and Stuart said...

michelle--they are in our greenhouse! and they are late. We should have had them in Jan.