Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet surprises

I was in a dark mood yesterday and happened to walk over to where the dahlias I planted way too late were and lo and behold! Blooms! Seeing the color and crispness of the flowers made me realize that, in their absence, I don't feel quite as fulfilled. I realized I am a flower and color addict.
I planted garlic (a little late) most of the day yesterday into wet soil. It was a misty dreary kind of day where the pillow beckons and there is a dull void feeling in my body and mind. Maybe that feeling is exhaustion. There was also a nice surprise when I weeded the strawberries. There were several potato plants coming up from ones we missed this spring when we dug them up. Some of them even had beautiful little new potatoes on them. A nice little something to brighten up the day.

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