Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flower Shopping with Saipua in NYC

That's right everyone, I was lucky enough to take a trip with Sarah from Saipua to the flower market of NYC. And it was amazing. I'm still in shock at the selection. I'm pretty sure there were even some human arms and legs in a bucket in the back (all with flower tattoos of course), but you had to be in with the flower sellers to get those for your arrangements. The big players I didn't see at the flower market.....poppies, anemones, and peonies.
Maybe they were back with the arms and legs.
The market was set up as a series of shops scattered around a couple blocks, and the majority of the flowers were out of water. We were there around 6:30am on Wed. and thankfully Sarah saw the desperate look in my eyes so we quickly went to get some very good coffee before shopping. After shopping the flower market we darted over to the Union Square farmers' market which will have to be a blog that stands on its own. I know you all want to see house pictures, and I promise they're coming, along with pics from my best friend's wedding in NH, and our stay with Stuart's aunt and uncle in Bethlehem. But the farm is calling.....
Thanks again Sarah for letting me tag along! I loved the experience. Too bad I didn't get to see you work your magic arranging them all.


Kat said...

wait. i don't beleive it. you were in NH and didn't stop by to say hello?????????

Sarah said...

great photos, it almost inspires me to get back to work.
BTW, the dilly beans are INCREDIBLE, and you should know i am enjoying them immensely, so thanks

Anonymous said...

This flower market looks incredible! We have quite amazing flower markets here in London but not as impressive as this one... I can't wait to make my way down NYC!

rupinder said...

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