Monday, February 2, 2009

Market Goodies

We are trying very hard to have some flowers for the big Valentine's Day right around the corner that happens to fall on a Saturday.  What better gift for a loved one than a Bluebird Meadows bouquet?  I think only chocolate, coffee, good poetry, a dinner at Panciuto, or a UNC victory over Duke could compare.  The amaryllis are just starting to bloom, so hopefully we will have around 10-15 stems of those.  I admit they are one of my favorites as their bloom is spectacular with 4 flowers per stem and a killa vase life.  We could quite possible have red tulips as well, tulips being another flower favorite.  They're looking like they might make it if we have enough sunny days between now and V-tines day---this Sat. is forecast for 67, Sunday for 70.  I think it's gonna happen.


Bornay said...
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Bornay said...

Thank you for adding our work in your list. You have a wonderful world in your blog. We will read you. Thanks again,

Joan and Fàtima.

Joe and Christy said...

lovely! hope you had a great market weekend.