Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can it be true?

We are going to the farm today to meet the propane fellas who are going to install our tank and fuel line for our greenhouse.  So potentially, we could turn on the greenhouse today!!!  We planted precooled tulips last week in crates and they would much prefer to be in the greenhouse rather than the hoophouse.  We also need to go ahead and start some seed for the season.  It is now time for cool season starts---lettuce, lots of spring flowers, echinacea (that we plan to plant along our southern border near the creek), maybe some collards and kale.  Pictured here are a few things gathered from the field.  We have more than we can eat but not quite enough to be worth going to market.  Our turnips in the field actually look alright, just not big enough for a sale yet.  I would say overall our winter gardening definitely needs work.  Yet it is an improvement over last year.  Except for our onions---our starts got ruined by Clover tramping all in the trays and rummaging for who knows what hidden in the depths of the two inches of soil.  We have some more started, but they won't be as big or as early as last season.  


marko said...

I hate to make others in the BM Fan Club jealous, but I've really been enjoying the radishes, lettuce, and super-delicious spinach from last week's harvest. There's something special going on out there, and I mean more than just cute doggie pictures (which are great, too).

That's exciting about the greenhouse! Turn on the gas!

Hippy Chic said...

Wish I had a green house to protect my babies from the freezing temps!! Good good luck, Love you blog.