Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another VERY COLD week

Our anemones are now sending up blooms right and left.  This one is my current favorite.  We'll have all of two or three bunches to take to market on Sat.  Yes, we are returning to the Farmers' market to sell a very small amount of produce---arugula, radishes, and spinach.  The arugula is coming from the hoophouse and WOW! it is so beautiful and tasty.  We just had an incredible arugula salad with fresh-ground pepper, a dash of salt, lemon juice and some balsamic vinegar.  Our first tasting of our hoophouse goods. 
We have been planning planning planning and ordering what seems like an endless amount of seed for the season.  I think we both feel like this season will be more orderly and less chaotic than the last one.  We've been on this land for a season so we know it that much better, its curves and dips and slopes, cold spots and wet spots, the weeds we're up against.  
It has been so cold this week that we have found ourselves for the most part housebound, which has been very cozy as we have been house/kitty sitting close to our farm.   The owners of the house have a sauna built out of cedarwood with a woodstove to heat it.  We have done a sauna almost every day, sweating buckets and feeling like the luckiest people on earth.  We  think we might forgo building our house and just build a sauna instead.    


Scott said...

Anemones are very pretty. I was wondering what they would look like considering the odd looking root like planting. -Scott

Sarah said...

my grandparents, when they bought their land in canada built the sauna first, and then lived in it while they build the house - as is the finish tradition. nothing like a sauna and then a roll in the snow. actually i've never rolled in the snow after a sauna, because im a pussy. i can take it hot though...are you throwing water on the coals to get the steam? im jealous.

Sarah said...

and burgundy anemones!! double jealous.

jennifer said...

thanks so much for the garden compliment! it's not much, but we're learning.

and i would looove to talk flowers sometime. my biggest dilemma right now is finding attractive shade-loving perennials. we have a huge mulched in area under three mature trees - so it doesn't get much light, and i just can't find anything to plant there. i was thinking astilbes, but that's really where my inspiration stopped.

Susan said...

I, too am jealous...
Anemones: my favorite flower
Arugula: my favorite green
and a Sauna!