Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taking it to the courts

So the cat's out of the bag; we love racquetball. We can even hold conference calls between games to get business done, just like in all those eighties movies (remember Wall St. with Charlie Sheen?) We are missing the cool clothes though. We played three games....I should've won all three, but I only won one. I think it was rigged somehow. I did get a victory dance in, as pictured below. Stuart's victory dance consisted of a leap against the wall; he's trying to recall the name of the breakdancing move this jump replicates as we speak. If you're looking for something to help you deal with winter angst, racquetball may be the answer. not that I think winter angst ever goes away, not until the redbuds and forsythia start blooming---but we've got to try something to cope.


Melissa said...

Awesome t-shirt, BTW. Lil' farm eggs are never whack!

Corrie said...

Wow! I'm very impressed , and a little out of breath thinking about that intensity :) Where do you play?