Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ransom Visits

This past week we had the pleasure of having Stuart's younger brother Ransom help us out for a couple days on the farm. We finished seeding and mulching our driveway, spread gravel over our greenhouse floor so that water drains properly, and planted 750 daffodils. Daffodils take so much longer to plant than tulips or iris because they need 6 in centers. We originally wanted to put them in our landscape somewhere, but efficiency won out as usual and we planted them in a boring row next to our new hoophouse. We're hoping the squirrels don't get desperate and dig up the bulbs for food. They were the last of the bulbs so now we can move on to finishing our greenhouse. We all went to go see Synecdoche, NY, the new film by Charlie Kaufmann. Do yourself a favor--spare your mind the torture. The owner/manager of the theater was walking out as we were entering. He excitedly told us it is the best film of 2008 and gave us some food for thought before going in--"At the end of the movie think about what you thought the plot was at the beginning of the movie, and then ask yourself, What happened?" Not surprisingly, he also said there had been quite a few people walking out of this movie.

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Sarah said...

so you didn't like the movie?