Monday, August 18, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Okay, here's the story. I was showing off my moves water-skiing while we were visiting our parents in FL for their 40th anniversary, and this shark came from nowhere and completely sideswiped me, making me stumble like an idiot and pull a muscle in my hamstring. It's a good thing the shark ran off after I bit it good right under it's dorsal fin. Cause otherwise....and it's okay no one else saw the shark; it was a small one, so it's understandable.
So the rumors are true. Stuart has locked me in our bedroom until my leg heals itself; until I can do arabesques and pirouettes in grand fashion; until I can pretend like I'm Shawn Johnson and vault over Clover-rover, sticking a triple-doople turnaround twist; until I can dive off of our bed with a back somersault shimmy and have nothing fall off a shelf. I've had minimal contact with outside life, just Olympic viewings and Phelps fanaticism really. Some computer Jeopardy. Books. But let me tell you all, if you have never gone around an airport in a wheelchair, it is a fairly unique experience. I've never had special attention from a stewardess, and wow--I even got a personal wheel-down right to the plane from the lady taking people's boarding passes.
I've been trying to stay positive and have been dreaming of fall-planted bulbs and their lovely blooms. Bulb catalogs have been pouring in, and I do a dance every time one comes in the mail, usually to Stuart's chagrin. The color! The blooms! The elegance! We don't have many flowers coming in right now and I had a dream someone mowed down our purple majesty millet and jester grass, two of my favorite things about to peak. My heart skips a beat whenever I glance at them. I have to watch myself from spending too much time staring at them in fear Stuart may catch on to my amorous affair with such beauty.
We have been SO SUPER LUCKY having Stuart's sister Erin and her beau Gerard come out and help us not only on the farm, but at market as well. They have been the saviors of Bluebird Meadows this past week, and have made the whole leg situation bearable. Mom, or, as we like to call her, Raula (her name is Paula, but she got a piece of junk mail once with her name as 'Raula' so we like to think of it as her Brazilian alter-ego), has also been helping out. Clover rover has had plenty of play time with Gunther, Erin's dog, and Jihzara, mom's dog. Well, supposedly my brother Aubrey's dog, but mom takes care of her. As a blog picture finale, we're going to call this one 'Beauty and the Beast'. I know it's not nice to call Clover a beast, but next to Jihzara, I mean, really.


Kat said...

I'm so excited to hear that you've decided to go for a spot on the 2012 London Olympics Waterskiing team!!!!! Don't let this little shark-run in get you down,there's still plenty of time... Keep that chin up, Tiger!
Rooting for you in NH,
a fan

Sarah said...

what an adventure.
why not visit over thanksgiving? eric and I are alone for it and making dinner in brooklyn. or anytime really we're off to hillsville labor day weekend and then around for the rest of the year. miss you guys - sarah