Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 30th market and Shitakes

I didn't have time to take good shots at market as we got busy early on. Things are pretty much the same besides tuberoses, purple majesty millet, and the dahlias starting to come in.
It's now so much darker in the mornings packing up the truck and driving in.
There was thick fog in some places Sat. morning. For some reason, the drive into town on market mornings makes me feel as good as say, floating down a calm river on an intertube. There is something really peaceful and almost serene about it. songs ringing in my head. Until we get behind someone going 40 mph in a 55 zone. And then it's mostly musings about how stupid some people can be.
We just realized today that our shitake mushrooms have begun realizing their material form. Very exciting as few things are better than shitakes.


Kat said...

that fourth image from the top is BEAUTIFUL. makes me want to go to sleep and be awake at the same time. maybe it is the portal to lucid dreams.
on another note, how extensively (if at all) do you two use rebar for staking? have you found it to be an economically viable alternative to wooden stakes?
Or: have you seen/do you have a home-made stake puller that doesn't either snap all the stakes in half or snap the shins off of the laborer?

marko said...

Congrats on the shitake genesis! Beautiful, delicious fungi. Soehn-daddy will be shaking in his crocs when he seees those. Well, maybe not, since he did have about 200 lbs. of shitakes the other day. What's that, about $2 million worth?

Alice and Stuart said...

Kat---We use rebar more that we'd like. We think t-stakes are the best way to do tomatoes, even for indeterminates. One for every five tomatoes. I have an uncle in the construction business, so we got rebar for a good price, that is why we have so much. We got 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch thick pieces, and the 1/4 inch are useless except for flower netting and eggplant and pepper stakes. I hate wooden stakes. Don't let them beat you up like that Kat.

Thanks so much for the Portland list. And all of our shitakes dried up or rotted, so John gets to be the reigning king/millionaire/CEO of shitake inc. We were hoping to bring you some, but alas.