Monday, April 21, 2008

Transplanting the day away

Today we transplanted most of the day. Such a boring task really, but we had some company so it went by a bit faster than normal. Claire, a UNC student about to graduate. is doing a photo-documentary of us and our farm, and perhaps a pic or two of clover honey (that would be our dog). We got to see her picture presentation today and we were psyched to see some great pictures from a visitor's perspective. We look forward to posting some of her pics as they are some of the first (and the best!) pictures of our new farm. Besides that we enjoyed the weather that has been pretty wild of late; reports of hail have come in from not too far from us, and dark clouds that both awe and frighten have been not so far from us either. But it looks as if we'll remain unscathed unless something rolls in tonight. Two years ago I lost all the first peppers and eggplants I had as well as the remains of the strawberries to hail. It all came down in about ten minutes and coated the ground with marble size hail. Good thing the garden was teeny tiny at that point. Can't let things like that get you down though. Although I was steeming like the ground at that point. Ken was nice enough to give me some extra starts he had. I wasnt a good enough grower then to even get a red pepper that year. Lame.
We also planted two hundred feet of sunflowers today. They should bloom late May-early June. They are the kind with green centers (my favorite), good for early summer sales. It is so nice to look at two hundred feet of anything that has just been planted in freshly tilled soil. makes you feel so good. The picture up top is actually not from our farm. We went on a dump run yesterday and this is what most of the fields out here look like now. All pre-tobacco or soybeans or corn. They all look so lovely it's hard to fathom why anyone would waste such nice looking beds on something that kills people, but I guess maybe a sale is a sale to these farmers. I wonder how many people who grow tobacco have had someone they know die from cancer. On a lighter note, the ranunculus are coming in. The colors we have don't all match though. Next year we won't have this happen. Its just this deep red color that has to stand on its own. Which i think it can do. Sales were lame this past saturday for these beauties, but I think the flowers were too closed for people to realize that they are a great cut. we'll have them open up a little more for next Sat.

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