Monday, April 28, 2008

Berries and Barack

Stuart and I are rained in today. Looks like we'll have to run errands and do housework, officework. Our CSA starts Wednesday and we'll be giving them two, maybe three pints of strawberries per share. They're going to love it! We think this might be our biggest harvest week, this week or next. The berries are HUGE! Stuart picked them all yesterday in advance of the rain so they wouldn't all be a mushy mess. We even laid some of them out on a towel to dry (it rained Sat. evening as well) because even if they are a little wet and go in the cooler they will mold and rot.
I have been quite worried that we wouldn't have enough produce to put in everyone's box this week, but it turns out we'll have plenty, as Stuart frequently reassured me. He is the more patient, peaceful one in our relationship. Once again Alice frets for nothing. My father used to tell me that 'worry is an endless payment on a debt that never comes due.' I agree that worry is a waste of energy and that it probably brings me down more than it should. But don't they say some level of stress is good for you? Must be a fine balance.
We are going to see Barack Obama speak at the Dean dome tonight. YEAH!!!! We're so excited. Erin, Stuart's sister, is coming with us and we're going to witness one of the most eloquent, intelligent public speakers around, a man who very well may become the next pres. of the united states of america! Someone who may actually be capable of uniting the states, and the people, of america. Wouldn't that be something. I recently heard that Hillary Clinton served on the board of Walmart from 86' through 92'. I listened to a sound byte (from Democracy Now) from either a board meeting or some ceremony Walmart had to honor their board members and Hillary said something like "I'm so proud of this company. It stands for what I believe in".......Makes me cringe all over. Not that Barack doesn't have any negative dealings going on, but I have such an easier time giving my support to him. I don't think our country needs a dynasty or a monarch to rule it anymore. And I'm all for a woman being in charge, just not one who is married to Bill Clinton. Enough already of the Clintons. Enough.
So, back to farming. We successfully sold more ranunculus this past weekend at market as they were more open and more lovely. Or as Stuart and I endearingly like to call them, 'radunk-a-dunks'. Slips off the tongue a little easier than ranunculus. Native to the mediterranean and in the buttercup family, this stellar flower comes in a dazzling array of colors and sizes. There is a variety they breed in Italy that makes a flower the size of my fist. Huge! They all grow from a tuber that looks like a sea urchin. They seem pretty tricky to grow, and I think I started them a little later than I should've, but I think we'll profit from them and next year we'll plant even more. More colors, more choices, more sales. Let's hope all this rain doesn't ruin them out in the field!

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