Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Practicing pea shoots in the greenhouse.  Seems like a worthwhile venture.  We want to give them to our CSA, but growing anything properly takes some trial and error.  So we are having to eat loads of them while we get it right.  Ruth isn't too crazy about them, even when we try to mix them with applesauce.  Mixed with egg is a winner. 

We just finished planting our fourth round of tulips.  1400 of them this go round.  Please get big and strong.  Please get big and strong.  If you don't, I may have to give up this mad and expensive and neurotic tulip growing habit I've developed.  
First anemones of the season.  Red is the color of love, heat, fire, passion, blood.  I used to love to wear red and feel the color on me and in me.  Is that strange?  I guess I'm getting older now cause it has lost some of its power for me.  Maybe that is how flower lovers mature.  By experiencing color phases.  
This is a picture of Ruth from a year ago and one from today.  My sweet best friend.  

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