Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 Thank you thank you rain for this beautiful patch of arugula.  I vow to eat as much as possible while it's here.


Randy Emmitt said...

Alice and Stuart,
That is a huge patch of Arugula, well done this time of year! I can taste it now. We visited the Durham Farmer's market yesterday was disappointed to not have seen you guys.

Third attempt on getting past the word verification deal here. Am I blind or is these letters and font just plain difficult?

Alice and Stuart said...

Randy! Yes, the passwords have gotten a little ridiculous. We also must do 2-3 tries. And there is another whole bed of arugula right next to this one! We probably have 70-80 lbs of it. I'd like to go swimming in it but I don't want to bruise the delicate leaves. We are probably done going to Wed. as we don't have enough volume at this point in time but you should come sat.