Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruth Eleanor White

Our little angel is here! We have had hardly a minute to spare in our lives since her birth. I had big plans to write up her birth story for you all and would still like to, but things have just been so crazy. This past Wed. we had to go to the ER with our little Ruth as she was running a high fever. We stayed there til Sunday morning, all three of us, as she was diagnosed with a UTI. We are all fine, but they still want to do a few tests on her to make sure all is well. We're not thrilled about any of it, and are still in disbelief about our luck. It's rare for a newborn to develop a UTI. She even had to have a spinal tap! Anyhow, just wanted to go ahead and post a few pictures of her, our finest flower. She is definitely the new light of our lives. She was born August 31st at 7:22, just hours before her due date, weighing in at 8 lbs 8 ounces. WOW!!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you had another hospital stay, but glad Ruth is back home. Hope she continues to improve and that we get to meet her soon!

Floret Flowers said...

sending loads of healing vibes your way!!!

we spent a week in intensive care with our daughter when she first arrived 11 long years ago.I remember it was so terrifying and exhausting but everything turned out well in the end.
i just know it will for little Ruth too!
congratulations on your beautiful new flower,she is so, so darling!!!

Sarah said...

she looks so much like BOTH of you!!! crazy crazy crazy

much love, can't wait to meet her

Ms. Kale and Mr. Collard Greens said...

Congratulations! She is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for a long time but have never commented till now. happy for you with the birth of your beautiful daughter! She looks just like you,
Alice! Hope she is in good health now, and enjoy your beautiful baby!

Phil Moore said...

Congrats on the new arrival, out with the old 2D life in with the new 3D. Transforms everything you do and think.

Had a look at your film, reminds us why we are doing this all the very best


Jammie said...

Congratulations Alice! She really is gorgeous. I see your face in hers. Life with a child can be hard, but it is so amazing at the same time. Enjoy it all!

Brad said...

Such great news!! You all will be AWESOME parents! Sept 21 was a good day as our partners in our community garden also had their baby. Cheers!

Brad, Tia and Maya

Tina Jett said...

Congratulations!! I have never seen a baby that small smile so much. Glad she is better now. I miss being able to get the good nosh from your farm, but still love following your story from the left coast. Happy autumn!