Sunday, October 10, 2010

Persimmony Splicket

We went to a most memorable wedding this past Sat. and the reverberations of love are still echoing through me. [Or is that just sore muscles from all the dancing?] The ceremony and reception left me feeling like the world is more complete now that these two are married. Like the world will be a better place. I wish I could feel like that more often. I was lucky enough to put the bridal bouquet together with a request from the bride for some veggies. Carrots, turnips, radishes, shittakes, persimmons, peppers, squash...they all had a moment of glory, a moment to shine and be just as beautiful, as magnificent, as graceful as the dahlia cushioned up beside them. We had another wedding this past weekend as well and the persimmons made it in those bouquets too. With some to spare for Clover and myself.

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Victor said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous