Saturday, August 21, 2010

Foster's Market Dinner

We were invited by Foster's Market of Chapel Hill to do a farm-to-table dinner last week. We brought over boxes and boxes of produce for them and they worked their magic and made it into quite a feast.
The food was really delicious and makes me want a wood-fired oven. We cannot claim the incredible chicken--that came from Weatherhand Farm (you can find them at the Durham market----amazing farm processed chicken!) or the apples. The wine pairings were really nice; we bought a bottle of the white we had with the flatbread. Missing photos----the roasted potatoes we had with the BBQ chicken and the flash-fried padron peppers we grow that they passed around as an appetizer. They were SO amazing. I could've eaten a whole platter of those, but then I wouldn't have had room for everything else. Thanks Sara and Foster's Market for putting this together.

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