Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Who knew stairs could be so exciting? We decided to go with cable rail vs. balusters and I think we're going to be very pleased with the final look. For code we need 11 strands. Seems a bit much. We'll have wooden newel posts instead of the preferable steel, but it's still gonna look great. We got the idea for cable rail after spying into Bay 7 of the American Tobacco Campus (where we've done wedding flowers). That place is AWESOME!!!!! If you haven't chosen a spot to get hitched, look into it.
So it's slowly dawned on us with everyone asking when we'll move in that we seem to be a perpetual 8 weeks out from moving. We've been 8 weeks out for about 8 weeks. People who have built before give us a look that conveys both understanding and recognition of our naivete. But one day, one day.....
The last post is a picture of the new color of choice on the old, very wrong color of choice. Not that I don't LOVE this semblance of tarheel blue. just not for the walls.

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