Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pick up yourself

When we look at the 20 or so trays of one thing that we have to plant, anything in quantities over 1,000.....knees go weak....mind blurs.....heart palpitates....our eyes lock after we've loaded up the trays and, in silent resignation, we move towards our front field to face the task at hand, knowing we're going to have to call on our friends Mos Def, Flaming Lips, Beach House and several others to help ease the monotony. We've had several big let-downs so far this season that we're trying to work out. Navigating through crop losses, lack of a solid germination, too much rain, and the distraction of building a house is proving to be difficult. challenging. is that why we're farming? Love of a good challenge??
Not to mention my bracket has bled to death, going through several slow spasms on its way out. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

Dook sucks.

sk said...

Awwww, hang in there! Your flowers are just gorgeous. And, are those onions? They are so cute!

Phil Moore said...

You have my sympathy trying to organise building while running a holding one or both always suffer. The transplants look healthy though.
Good luck with planting.