Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raise the roof

So the rafters are all up and the roof has plywood and tarpaper on it so that our house is now waterproof......thank goodness cause we got four inches of rain yesterday and it is supposed to rain all day today as well. We have standing water pretty much everywhere in our field and even in a couple beds in the hoophouse. It's pretty depressing and I'm trying to not think about it. On the brighter side, our house is moving along at a nice clip, thanks mostly to this fella, Keith. If you ever need a builder who really knows what he's doing and is efficient, call this guy.
We think that if he wanted to, he could run through our concrete walls....and then have them back up by the end of the afternoon. Putting up the rafters in the main room was really difficult, but these guys knocked it out in a day, even with our ghetto scaffolding. Amazing.


Randy Emmitt said...

I hope your roof has #30 felt and is nailed down with button cap nails. I couldn't see any nails so I'm guessing it is not.
When we built our addition we started with #15 felt and the dumb asses used staples, most blew away with less winds than we are having now. Then we added roofing nails not much help. So recovering most with #30 felt and button caps it stayed put finally. The good news if any of it blows away it'll only be one side.

marko said...

That's so exciting! I can get a real sense of the look and feel of the house. Can't wait to see it in person.

Corrie said...

Wow! It looks amazing!