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New Website, about time, right?

We still have a few sections to add and need to elaborate on some that exist, but considering we did it ourselves we feel pretty good about it!  

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Winter and Spring Flower Subscriptions Now Available!

We are so excited to announce that it is time to sign up members for our 2016 Flower Subscriptions!  
What better way to deal with the darkness of winter than have a gorgeous bunch of locally grown flowers grace your table?  These flowers also make the perfect holiday gift, sure to lift the spirits of those you love.  These are some of the best flowers our farm has to offer the whole year and some of the most challenging we grow, so they hold a special place in my heart and it brings me great joy to send them out into the world and share them with our community.

The following are the three options we will offer for 2016.

First session---To run from the first week of January through early February, this one will be 6 weeks long, $100, you will receive a potted amaryllis as one of the flower weeks.  This session only has 25-30 spots.  There will be a wednesday delivery somewhere in the downtown Durham vicinity (perhaps someones house or a local business, TBA) and then Saturday at market, 10-noon pick-up is available.  Amaryllis, anemones, icelandic poppies, hyacinth, I'm attempting freesia this year, snapdragons, and dahlias are all flower candidates.

Second session--To run from mid-February through March, 7 weeks long, $100.  We will have a wednesday mid-week delivery to Durham and Chapel Hill (if we can get enough members in CH) and members can pick-up at Saturday market, 10-noon.  Tulips, anemones, icelandic poppies, hyacinth, freesia, snaps, dahlias, ranunculus.  

Third Session--To run the month of April, 5 weeks for $75.  This session contains some of the best flowers of Spring from the field and hoop houses.  Ranunculus, tulips, heirloom narcissus, batchelor buttons, bleeding heart, hellebores, stock, icelandic poppies, hyacinth. 

Please send an email to if you are interested or have any questions.
We have gift certificates available that we can mail if you'd like to give one of the sessions as a gift.

DISCLAIMERS:  So, these are winter flowers and they are very finicky.  I reserve the right to cancel a week due to inclement weather and/or lack of enough blooms.  Hopefully we will encounter neither of these problems, but it could happen.  If we miss a week it will be rescheduled so you will receive your full session no matter what happens. 
If you need to miss a week we allow for one week's rescheduling.  If you are going to miss more than 1 week, please give your flowers to a friend or loved one. 

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